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Shelving For


Steel Shelving

2m*2m*0.6m 1000KG Shelving(Steel)
Regular price $200.00 $195.00
2m*2m*0.6m 800KG Shelving(Steel)
Regular price $205.00 $185.00
2m*2m*0.5m 600KG Shelving(Steel)
Regular price $200.00 $180.00
2m*1.8m*0.6m 1000KG Shelving(Steel)
Regular price $195.00 $190.00

Connecting Unit

4m*2m*0.6m 2000KG Connecting Shelving
Regular price $390.00 $370.00
4m*2m*0.5m 1200KG Connecting Shelving
Regular price $360.00 $345.00
5m*2m*0.6m 3000KG Connecting Shelving
Regular price $525.00 $497.00
4m*2m*0.6m 1600KG Connecting Shelving
Regular price $370.00 $355.00

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